woensdag 5 augustus 2015

Strabrechtse heide in august

What an amazing sunset today. The purpose for my early adventure was to scout for locations. The heath has already started colouring purple and I want to know the best locations for a great shot when the heath is at its best. Unfortunately I stumbled upon a fence and had to retreat from my planned route. In the meantime I witnessed that the clouds started colouring orange-pink and I was in no position to shoot a wide angle landscape.  

 A familiar sound approached me and a nightjar circled around my head. Now what to do? Give the nightjar its well deserved attention or point my camera towards the clouds?

Problem solved because the nightjar just gave its last couple of lapses before disappearing in the forest for its daytime nap. All other birds were just awake and took off from the fen. 
Besides the geese I was much surprised to spot up to 10 spoonbills in the air.

Four of the geese didn't notice me on the ground and flew just over me.

 Finally the sun 

The show was over so I took a long walk over the strabrechtse heide.
A new surprise on my trip; a Black Stork is accompanied by two Great Egrets. 
Three young Highland Cows were very interested in what I was doing. Until I started walking, that is.. Then they took off as if they were scared from me. Was it something I ate?

I still had to cover some distance to reach my car. With the sun burning on my head  it was probably better not to have taken this long walk. But hey, I enjoyed my time in the field so I will not complain about the heat and the heavy backpack on my shoulders.